Dunsfold Boeing 747 availabe to hire for film, television and training Boeing 747 jumbo jet for hire in Surrey for film producers

Plane seating including British Airways' Club World for film locationRead about aviation scene location on jumbo jet Boeing 747 Features

Unique filming location for aircraft shots

The airplane is based at Dunsfold Airfield in Surrey, offering a unique filming location for shots inside and outside the jet.

It is owned by Aces High Ltd which is run by Mike Woodley, one of the UK's leading experts in aeroplanes for film and TV.

The plane features a full size toilet set, a choice of seating arrangements and a snorkel lift is also available. Built in 1985 by Boeing, the G-BDXA "Sprit of Birmingham" previously served with British Airways.

Seating arrangements to suit your production

The Boeing 747 has a modern airline interior, including First Class, Business Class and Economy seating. We can supply a range of different seats: old, new, various colours and configurations and a choice of in-flight entertainment.

Paint work

The aircraft is kept plain white with a blue tail, providing a blank canvas you can detail to meet your requirements.

Full size toilet set

The jumbo jet features a full size toilet set with floating walls assembled on site ready for shooting in.

Snorkle lift/ Cherry picker

We have a Simon Snorkle fire engine with basket to help you get hard to reach shots or for rigging lights.

Fully equipped plane

The Boeing 747 features a complete cockpit, with every avionic instrument that British Airways left, making it a perfect filming location.

The plane can also be heated to order.

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